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Science Facilities

WHOI offers many specialized laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment.
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Marine Facilities

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution operates and maintains a variety of marine facilities and services that include:

  • Four research vessels that carry investigators throughout the globe for diverse studies that range from tracking large and small currents and investigating coastal pollution to studying Earth’s crust beneath the seafloor and examining marine animals, from whales to microbes;
  • National Deep Submergence Facility that operates a fleet of deep-sea exploration vehicles;
  • Marine support services that include access to shipboard technicians, shared equipment, mooring and rigging Services, diving program, pressure test facility and CTD & IMET Calibration Facility;
  • The Iselin Marine Facility that includes the WHOI pier, shop facilities available for oceanographic equipment fabrication, hangar bays for indoor staging of large instruments, cranes to facilitate heavly lifting and sufficient dock space for testing and launching equipment ; and
  • A small boat fleet that is available for investigators to use for projects.

Last updated: February 6, 2008