Human Resources

Promotions for Administrative Professionals


  1. The Supervisor determines, by careful examination of the Compensable Factors, whether or not his/her Administrative Professional is ready for promotion and prepares a file with the required documentation based on the level of the job (see promotion table).
  2. When the file is completed, the Authorization to Promote (pdf) is prepared and signed by the Department Head.
  3. The file and Authorization are forwarded to Human Resources, MS #15.
  4. The HR Facilitator and Administrative Professional Evaluation Council (APEC) will schedule periodic meetings for review of all pending promotion files. Deadlines for receipt of files will be publicized in advance. The HR Facilitator will send copies of the promotion file to the members of APEC before the scheduled meeting.
  5. The case for promotion is presented to APEC by the Supervisor and Department Head. The members of APEC will vote on whether or not the file supports promotion. If there is an irresolvable difference of opinion, both APEC and the Department Head will write a memo for the file. If all agree on the appropriateness of the promotion, the HR Facilitator will add a note to the file so stating.
  6. The file will be submitted to the HR Manager for review and approval.
  7. HR will forward the file to the EEO Officer for approval.
  8. The file is forwarded to the appropriate Associate Director for an opinion on the promotion. Only in a case where the Associate Director and APEC have an irresolvable difference of opinion, will the file be taken to the Director or Acting Director for a final determination.

Promotion Table

Position Employee
& Résumé
Head Memo


Administrative Associate II Both Yes 3 4 Yes VP/DOR
Administrative Associate I Both Yes 3 3 Yes VP/DOR
Sr Admin Assistant II Both Yes 3 2 Yes VP/DOR
Sr Admin Assistant I Résumé No 2 2 No HR Mgr
Admin Assistant II Résumé No 2 1 No HR Mgr
Admin Assistant I Résumé No 2 1 No HR Mgr

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Last updated: July 12, 2017