Human Resources

Opening the Interview

Set Tone

  • Be prompt and welcoming.
  • Give your name/title clearly.
  • Address the applicant by name.

Initiate Relaxed Flow of Information

Draw the applicant into small non personal small talk-- weather, travel to interivew, etc. Ask a transitition question such as "Have you visited the Institution before?"

Explain Interview Process

You might say something like "Before we start, let me give you some idea of what I'd like to cover in the next hour. I want to review your background so we can see if this position is suited to your talents and interests. So, I'd like to hear about your jobs, education, interests and anything else you'd like to tell me. And after we've covered your background, I want to give you some information about our organization and the job, and answer any questions you may have."

Take Notes

  • Tell the applicant that from time to time you will take notes to ensure you remember important points.
  • Jot down key words or phrases in an unobstrusive way.

Last updated: April 12, 2010