Human Resources

Preparing for the Interview

Review Job Needs

What is necessary for success in the position?

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Abilities
  • Traits or characteristics

Review Applications/Resumes

  • Does the applicant possess the minimum education/experience required?
  • Are there gaps in the work record?
  • What additional information is needed?
Think about separating applications/resumes into three groups.

"A" = Meets Key Criteria You may wish to screen these candidates by telephone before having an interview set up, particularly if they would be coming from a distance.
"B" = Does Not Meet Key Criteria Applicant posses other experience and may still be considered.
"C" = Does Not Meet Criteria Notify HR through on line application system promptly of any "C" files, so the applicant can be turned down electronically. These applicants can no longer be considered for the posiiton.

Identify Interviewers

Determine who else will interview the candidates and what their role is in the hiring process, particularly if a selection committee is involved. Some examples of other interviewers could be other hiring managers outside of the group, that may have similar group, higher level co-workers in the group, same level employees outside of the group.

Prepare Format and Setting

Formulate questions to meet objectives set for the interview. Pattern the interview format to insure each applicant is:

  • questioned about the same job-related areas,
  • allotted the same amount of time to answer questions,
  • given the same test(s), if any.
As a predictor of the applicant's success on the job, all employment tests must be job related. As the federal government requires employers to demonstrate validity of all employment tests, any tests to be given must be approved in advance by the Human Resources Office.

Select a setting that will provide privacy and physical comfort. Arrange coverage of telephone calls and visitors.

All external applicants selected for interview must meet with HR. It is preferred that the applicant first comes to HR, then to the department for interviewing. Interview scheduling should be coordinated through HR, where HR will contact the applicant about interview dates and times. For applicants who live 50+ miles from WHOI, HR will coordinate and cover the cost of their travel to the interview.

Last updated: April 12, 2010