Human Resources

Hiring an Employee

When it is determined that your lab, office or department is in need of additional support together with your Chair/Department Administrator or Department Manager you should begin the process for hiring a new employee. The Human Resources Office can help guide you through this process, including working on appropriate position levels, employment status, etc. If you have any questions please contact your Employment Services Specialist who is trained to help you in finding the right person for your needs.

Position Requisition

When a supervisor finds there is a need to hire a new employee, whether to replace a terminating employee or because of an increase or change in workload, the first step will be to complete a Position Requisition form. The form will then be approved by a Department Chair or Administrative Manager and forwarded on to Human Resources for assessment.

Position Description Writing Guide

Pointers for employees, supervisors, and managers to remember when creating position descriptions and titles.

Posting of an Available Position

Once the Position Requisition Form has been approved, notices of the opening will be posted on selected Institution bulletin boards and will be made available on the Web via the WHOI Human Resources website.

Interview Process

Information and tips for a supervisor to prepare, conduct, and close an interview.

Evaluation & Selection of a Candidate

Tips for evaluating potential candidates and what to do when you select a candidate.

Authorization to Hire Form

When a selection has been made and supporting documentation obtained (e.g. references, transcripts), the supervisor will initiate an Authorization Form.

Hiring Policies & Additional Information

Information about sponsoring foreign nationals and employment of minors, plus a link to the U.S. Department of Labor.