Human Resources

Getting Involved in the WHOI Community

There are many ways to become involved with activities at WHOI. Talk with your supervisor and colleagues about WHOI committees, seminars, and other recreational and professional activities and resources that are available and might be of interest to you.

The weekly email newsletter, WHOI Headlines, and the Weekly Calendar of Events (posted on bulletin boards around the Institution and available on the internal website) are great resources for learning about upcoming events.

There is a wealth of information available at your fingertips on WHOI's internal and public websites. Through the internal website, you will be able to access information on all WHOI committees, departments, activities, and other useful resources.

Learning About the Falmouth Community

For more information about the Falmouth area, please visit the Falmouth Chamber of Commerce located strategically in the heart of everything at 20 Academy Lane, just off Falmouth 's quaint Main Street. Or, visit the Falmouth Chamber of Commerce Web site.

Location! Location! Location!

One of the many perks about being an employee at WHOI is getting to work in such a beautiful location. The quaint seaside village of Woods Hole is part of the town of Falmouth. Whether you work at the Woods Hole Village Campus or the Quissett Campus, you will enjoy a beautiful setting and a close knit community. Both campuses are linked by a shuttle transportation service to allow you easy access to both locations.

For more information about the village of Woods Hole, visit the Woods Hole Business Association Web site.

Where to Eat

Whether you are working at the Quissett Campus or in the Village, you will want to know where to go for your morning coffee, lunch, or mid day snack.

If you find yourself on the Quissett Campus, WHOI has its own cafeteria style eatery known as The Buttery located in Fenno House.

For those of you who call the Village Campus your home (or if you happen to be around for a meeting), make sure you visit Café Swope, located on the campus of one of our neighbor institutions, the Marine Biological Laboratory. WHOI Employees are welcome!

For more information about restuarants in the Village of Woods Hole, visit the Woods Hole Business Association Web site.

Have some WHOI Alphabet soup

Learn what AOP&E, APC, and JOIDES stand for. Visit WHOI Alphabet Soup.

WHOI Committees

There are a variety of committees and councils that WHOI employees can become involved with or be appointed to as members. Once at the Institution you will be able to learn more about all of these groups as most have their own website available to WHOI employees. Some of the issues that WHOI committees are involved with include gender equity, information technology, balancing work and family, safety, and international visitors. There are also councils which are involved in the appointment and promotion processes for certain job groups such as Administrative Professionals, Technical Staff, and Scientific Staff.
» View a list of WHOI Committees

Local Information

For information on science, housing, recreation and other resources to help you find your way around WHOI, Woods Hole, Falmouth and the surrounding area visit the following web sites.
» Life on Campus
» Life on Cape Cod

Last updated: March 25, 2014