Human Resources

During Your First Year: Checklist

After the excitement and hustle of your first few weeks with the Institution, you will begin to settle in. Listed are some areas to keep in mind during your first year at WHOI.

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Performance Review
All newly hired non-exempt employees are considered provisional until they have satisfactorily completed six months of employment with the Institution. A review may be conducted by your supervisor following your six months of employment in order to evaluate performance and assess your match to the position.
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Annual Performance Evaluations
Formal performance evaluations for all employees are conducted on an annual basis.
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Graphic Services
WHOI Graphic Services is a team of innovative and professional designers, illustrators, photographers, and technicians who help communicate ocean-related science, engineering, and education. If you would like a tour of their facilities or would like to work with one of their team, please contact them at
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Creating a New Website(s)
If you would like to create a personal, group, project, or class website, the WHOI Web Group has a suite of tools that can aid you in the sites creation or can answer any of your web-related questions.  You can send all inquiries to
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Staff Training & Development
We invite you to participate in the classes and courses offered that provide training for individuals affiliated with WHOI. Offerings are initially open only to WHOI employees, postdocs and students.
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Travel Services
Whether a seasoned traveler or a first time road warrior, making travel plans can be quite complicated. To help you navigate arranging and completing a successful business trip WHOI has a Travel Services Group at the Institution
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Stockroom, Supplies & Equipment
If you are in need of supplies or equipment you can use the WHOI stockroom which exists to serve the scientific and marine needs of the WHOI community.
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Last updated: February 10, 2010