Human Resources

Family Member's Death

This is a difficult time in your life. How can we help?  Contact the Human Resources Office to report the death of an active employee or dependent, or contact the Retirement Benefits Administrator to report the death of a retire or dependent of the retiree. The surviving spouse or dependent children of deceased employees and retirees may be eligible for WHOI provided benefits and retirement plan benefits.

Once the death is reported, the appropriate HR representative will review the benefits in which the deceased employee, dependent, or retiree had been enrolled in and will advise on options to continue coverage.

For changes that affect coverage level such as going from family to individual, the HR representative must be notified within 31 days from the date of death otherwise the current coverage must remain in place. The next opportunity for the employee or surviving spouse to make the coverage change will be during the next open enrollment period generally occurring in late October through mid November.

The appropriate HR representative will also assist you with the process of filing claims for group life insurance benefits.

June Sullivan
Retirement Benefits Administrator
(508) 289-2706

Susan Darmofalski
HR Generalist
(508) 289-3743

Linda Snow
Benefits Specialist
(508) 289-3763 

Last updated: November 19, 2012