Human Resources

Unemployment Insurance

Policy Information
  • Issue Date: January 1, 1998
  • Revision Date: February 16, 2007
  • Primary Contact: Director of Human Resources
  • Responsible Member of Directorate: President and Director
  • Responsible Office: Human Resources
Policy Information


I. General

The Institution is subject to the provisions of the Massachusetts Employment Security Law. Eligibility and Benefits are determined by the Massachusetts Division of Employment Security. Contact your nearest office of the Division of Employment Security to apply for unemployment benefits. If you are residing in another state, contact the nearest office of Employment Security for your state of residence.

II. Eligibility

A. Eligibility for benefits is determined by the law under the state of residence of the claimant.

B. Generally, a claimant will be ineligible for benefits if s/he:
  • Voluntarily leaves the job without good cause;
  • Is discharged for gross misconduct; or
  • Leaves the job because s/he is convicted of a crime.
III. Benefits
A. The minimum and maximum weekly benefit varies by state and other factors. Your local claim office can furnish details.

B. Certain Massachusetts residents may qualify for free health insurance through the Massachusetts Department of Medical Security.

Should you require assistance in the interpretation of this procedure, please contact your Benefits Specialist.

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