Human Resources

Payment for Overtime

Policy Information
  • Issue Date: August 12, 2004
  • Revision Date: March 5, 2009
  • Primary Contact: Director of Human Resources
  • Responsible Member of Directorate: President and Director
  • Responsible Office: Human Resources
Policy Statement
The Institution will compensate its non-exempt and marine crew employees for hours worked in
overtime status. Payment will be made at 1 ½ times the rate of pay in effect when the overtime
is worked.

Reason for Policy
To describe payment for overtime.

Policy Information
Policy Statement
Reason for Policy
Who Should Be Familiar With This Policy
Overview & Procedures
   Approval Employees
   Overtime Payments
   Conditions for Overtime on Federal Grants, Contracts, and Subawards

Who Should Be Familiar With This Policy
  • Non-exempt Employees
  • Managers, Supervisors, and Administrators
  • Principal Investigators
  • Human Resources Staff
  • Payroll Staff
  • Grants and Contract Services Staff

If you have questions about specific issues or need assistance with the interpretation of this
policy, contact:
Employment Services Specialist ...................x2275 & x2704
Payroll Office ...................................................x2844
Grants and Contract Services ........................x2842

Overview & Procedures
Approval Employees Employees covered by this overtime policy shall not work overtime hours without specific advance direction from their supervisors.

As a general policy, the Institution will authorize overtime work only when urgently needed and other arrangements are impractical..

In regards to overtime charged to federal grants and contracts, such authorization must be in accordance with the “Conditions for Overtime on Federal Grants, Contracts, and Subawards” section of this policy..

Overtime work shall be performed only when directed by a supervisor with prior authorization by one of the following:
  • Members of the Directorate
  • Department Chairs
  • Managers
  • Masters and Chief Engineers of Vessels
  • Chief Scientists during cruises, up to limits established by each principal investigator whose project(s) would be affected. These limits will permit Chief Scientists to assign no less than an average of 8 hours work for every day at sea.
Overtime Payments Overtime payments will be made in accordance with the following guidelines:
  • Non-exempt employees (applies both ashore and at sea):
    • In excess of 40 hours per week;
    • On Institution holidays.
  • For marine crew, other than those in exempt positions, lease refer to the “Marine Crew Members Procedures” policy.
Conditions for Overtime on Federal Grants, Contracts, and Subawards The cost of overtime is not an allowable charge on federal grants, contracts, and subawards unless one of the following conditions exists:
  • The work is necessary to cope with emergencies, such as those resulting from accidents, natural disasters, or breakdowns of equipment; or
  • The work is performed by indirect labor employees; or
  • The work is continuous in nature and cannot reasonably be interrupted, such as the performance of tests or laboratory procedures, loading or unloading of vessels, or operations at sea; or
  • Prior approval by the government has been obtained.
    • Requests for such approval shall contain a detailed explanation and be submitted to the Agency Program Manager and Grant/Contract Office, as well as WHOI Grant and Contract Services. Assistance may be obtained from the Grant and Contract Services Office.
Principal Investigators must ensure that they have prior permission from the federal grant or contract office before authorizing any overtime charges unless one of the circumstances outlined above applies.
Travel Time spent in travel status during normal working hours shall be considered hours worked.

When a trip involves staying away from home overnight, travel status shall include the time (not to exceed 8 hours per day) actually spent in public conveyances, as well as time involved with travel going to and coming from the airport, train station, etc. The above applies not only on the regular working days of Monday through Friday, but also on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. It shall not include extensions of travel time arranged by employees for their own purpose.

On trips not requiring being away from home overnight, hours worked shall include the time from commencement to completion of the trip, except for the customary home-to-work travel, mealtime, or extensions of travel time arranged by employees for their own purpose.

Hours worked will include all periods of time an employee is required to drive or ride in a vehicle as the assistant or helper (when that vehicle is being used primarily for transporting equipment or materials), except that time spent during regular meal and sleeping periods will not be counted as time worked.

Exceptions to this policy require approval of the President and Director.

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