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EyeMed Vision Plan

WHOI is pleased to offer a vision benefit through EyeMed. The EyeMed Vision plan allows a member to obtain services from any provider and depending on the type of service is the amount Eyemed will cover.

In-Nework services require copays for most services and materials while Out-of-Network services are based on a reimbursement model.

Contacts and lenses may be purchased through the plan once every 12 months while frames can be purchased through the plan once every 24 months.

EyeMed’s expansive provider network includes retail chains such as Target Optical, Lenscrafters, Pearl Vision, Sears Optical and more!

To learn if EyeMed is right for you or to locate a provider:

  • Visit the EyeMed pre-member website 
  • Click on find a Provider
  • Enter your zip code, and select "Insights" from the Choose Network option

Please note that the vision plan may not cover all costs including lens coating, cosmetic options, sunglasses and taxes. Certain discounts may be available. If you choose to use an out-of-network provider, you will have to pay your provider at the time of service and you may be required to submit your own claim to the insurance carrier.

Vision insurance is deducted out of each pay period on an after-tax basis.

Last updated: January 12, 2018