Deputy Director & Vice President for Research

Employment of Spouses

The success and well being of the Institution is inextricably linked to the success and well being of its employees. Thus it is Institution practice to assist employees with career transitions related to their employment at the Institution. The Institution explicitly recognizes that there are special challenges for partners in a dual career couple, especially for partners on the Scientific Staff whose careers involve decisions of one of two options: promotion or departure from the WHOI Scientific Staff.

The Institution has provided assistance in seeking employment for partners of employees for several years. Assistance is not limited to employment opportunities at the Institution, but includes contacts with employers in the community at large.

In addition to the options of assistance in seeking a position elsewhere, dual career couples who are members of the Scientific Staff should be made aware that there are a variety of options that they may consider for careers at the Institution or to facilitate career transitions. When promotion on the Scientific Staff is either not sought or not offered, extensions of term appointments for Assistant and Associate Scientists can be obtained to facilitate finding another position at the Institution or elsewhere. While normally limited to one year, in unusual circumstances a second year can be granted. In some circumstances transfer between the Scientific and the Technical Staff may be appropriate. The Institution supports such transitions that meet career needs, the criteria for appointment to the Technical Staff position in question, and Institution needs.

Other options for temporary appointments include Guest Investigator and Visiting Investigator appointments as described later in this handbook. Guest Investigators do not receive compensation. Visiting Investigators receive salary compensation from the Institution through grants and contracts. They are appointed for a period of time not to exceed one year, renewable on a twelve-month basis, not to exceed two years. These are temporary appointments and may assist in career transitions to appointments at WHOI or elsewhere.

These options are available to any Scientific Staff member and can be an advantage for situations where both partners are members (or potential members) of the Scientific Staff and face difficult career decisions as they progress through the appointment and promotion ranks at the Institution. Department Chairs and the Marine Policy Center Director will make these options known to potential Scientific Staff members at the time of their interview, when actually appointed, and when evaluated for promotion.

Last updated: May 20, 2008