Director of Research

Visitors from Europole Mer

October 18, 2011

The French scene for research and higher education (ppt)
Yves-Marie Paulet, IUEM

Overview of the European Research Area (ppt)
Antoine Dosdat, Ifremer

The Europole Mer consortium and its on-going extension to new partners of the western part of France (ppt)
Paul Treguer

Science and implementation plan of LABEX-Mer "A changing ocean", a newly funded excellence cluster, which will be developed in the next 10 years (ppt)
Anne-Marie Treguier

Overview of some key institutions: IUEM including its Masters and PhD program in Marine Science (Yves-Marie Paulet), Ifremer with a focus on its scientific objectives (ppt)
Antoine Dosdat, Ifremer

Telecom Bretagne, signal processing and remote sensing of the ocean (ppt)
Rene Garelo

Ifremer: deep sea observation (ppt)
Jean-Francois Rollin

Ifremer: deep sea research (ppt)
Jozee Sarrasin

ENSTA Bretagne (ppt)
Thomas Severine

IUEM Brest (ppt)
Anne-Marie Treguier

Last updated: December 4, 2011