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Guest Investigators and Institution Visiting Scholars: Payment Guidelines

Under special circumstances and with advance approval by the WHOI Sponsor, the Department and Human Resources, Guest Investigators and Institution Visiting Scholars may receive one or more of the following:

  • Reimbursement for actual travel expenses (original itemized receipts required); and
  • Reimbursement for lodging and housing rental expenses is not to exceed Falmouth GSA Lodging rates (zip code 02540) (original itemized receipts are required).  Expenses must be approved in advance by the sponsor of the Guest Investigator or Visiting Scholar; and
  • Per diems of not more than the Falmouth GSA rates (zip code 02540) for all other incidental living expenses.*

To be eligible for any of these payments, a guest or visitor must have a permanent address that is more than 50 miles from Woods Hole, and the payments may only be used to assist them in residing in the Woods Hole area during their appointment.

If a Department expects to utilize any of the above payments, they must complete and submit to Human Resources the following 2 forms

 (1)  Advance Request & Authorization to Travel form and

 (2) Authorization to Invite a Guest Investigator or Institution Visiting Scholar form

Human Resources will review the estimated expenses section of the "Advance Request & Authorization to Travel" form to determine that the expenses met the guidelines outlined above.

If the above guidelines are met, Human Resources will sign off on the form and forward it to the Reimbursement Services (RS) Office, along with a copy of the Authorization to Invite a Guest Investigator form. The RS Office must have these forms on record, with an authorizing signature from Human Resources, before they can process payment requests for guests and visitors.

To initiate payment to the Guest Investigator or Institution Visiting Scholar, all required original itemized receipts are saved by the Department and scanned copies are submitted using Unanet- Expense Reimbursement. The log number from the Advance Request form must be included on either of these documents for reference to the Human Resources authorization.

*For example, Meals & Inc Exp. 2017 = $64 per day; Breakdown (M&IE): Breakfast =$15, Lunch = $16, Dinner =$28 and Incidental Expenses $5

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11 Oct 2016

Last updated: April 18, 2017