Deputy Director & Vice President for Research

Proposals: Administration of Internal Calls

  1. Institute Administrator (or equivalent) informs GCS of the upcoming Call for Proposals.  When possible, the deadline should be coordinated with GCS to try to avoid “busy” times, for example Feb. 15 and Aug. 15.
  2. Department prepares proposals (Submissions) according to Institute (or equivalent) guidelines and inputs into WHOIgrants.  If the proposal will be submitted to more than one Institute, select the “primary” Institute for the Agency Division at the Proposal level and add a comment on the Submission Level under Special Instructions that states that it will also be sent to other Institute(s).  All Institutes should be advised in the proposal text that this proposal has gone to more than one.
  3. The Department sends PDF version to Institute Administrator (or Administrators if PI wishes to submit to more than one Institute) and this must be done prior to the stated Deadline.  The Department sends the original with signed and frozen (“To GCS”) Green Sheet to GCS (Sandy) for processing.  This processing is done when time is available and is not required prior to the Institute’s deadline.  The Department should also send the PDF to any other departments involved in the proposal.
  4. GCS (Sandy) will hold all proposals for GCS - updating WHOIgrants with submission date, when received.  Institute will provide a list of all proposals to GCS for confirmation and coordination.
  5. The GCS AP (Sandy) will send copies to the required offices when proposal contains Vertebrates, DNA, classified data, intellectual property, etc.
  6. The Institute (or equivalent) reviews the proposals, makes funding recommendations that are then approved by the Oversight Committee.  Just as soon as all decisions are final, the Institute Administrator (or equivalent) sends a complete list to GCS (Sandy) with award, decline, and Revised Budget requested indicated - and total award amount.  (VERY IMPORTANT)
  7. If the Institute (or equivalent) requests that the budget be revised, the revised budget and all information must be entered into WHOIgrants as a revised Submission (.01).  The revised budget (and justification) will be sent to Institute and to GCS as a PDF.
  8. The GCS AP (Sandy) will log all declined proposals in WHOIgrants.  The Grant Administrator (Susie or Bonnie) will award the others in collaboration with the Institute Administrator (or equivalent).  Please be advised that all projects for all Institutes cannot be done in one day.
  9. Institute Administrators will send copies of Award letters (only) to GCS.  Copies of all letters (award & decline) should be sent to Department Administrators.

Last updated: January 10, 2007

Last updated: April 22, 2013