Deputy Director & Vice President for Research

Adjunct Scientists and Oceanographers: Compensation Procedure and Guidelines

Except as noted below, Adjunct Scientists and Oceanographers do not receive compensation from WHOI but, rather, are paid by their home institutions. Even if included as a Co-Principal Investigator on a WHOI proposal, there should be a subcontract to the home institution for their compensation.

In the rare circumstances of an Adjunct working at WHOI for an extended period of time, such as during a summer break when not being paid by the home institution, arrangements must be made, in advance, in order for WHOI to pay the Adjunct. The department is to forward to Human Resources the Authorization to Pay Adjunct form (view link on right) that provides all the details concerning when the Adjunct will arrive and depart, what the base salary will be, and the grant or contract numbers for the funds to support the Adjunct. Attached to the Authorization must be a statement from the home institution that indicates the normal rate of pay and certifies that the home institution will not be paying the Adjunct during this time period. In addition, if the Adjunct is a foreign national, the department must work with Human Resources in advance in order to process the Visa in a timely manner.

Grant or Contract funds to cover the entire stay of the Adjunct must be on-hand before the Adjunct signs in at Human Resources. Under no circumstances will an Adjunct receive bridge support.

As with all Adjuncts, those who will receive a WHOI paycheck must check in at Human Resources upon arrival and before leaving. If the Adjunct will be offsite (for example, participating on a cruise) when starting, the department must inform HR ahead of time so that applicable tax forms, I-9 information and other data can be obtained in a timely manner.

Adjunct appointments are Casual and they are not eligible for any Institution benefits. The maximum number of hours that can be paid to an Adjunct in a single calendar year is 999 hours. Payment of 1000 hours or more has retirement implications and is not allowed.

Any salary that the Adjunct receives while at WHOI will be equal to the salary paid at the home institution. Adjunct Scientists and Oceanographers will not be included in the WHOI salary books and will not receive merit or cost-of-living increases. Any successive stay will be treated as a new authorization to pay and the salary to be paid will be the salary of the home institution at that time. In exceptional circumstances, the Deputy Director and Vice President for Research may approve payment of a salary other than that of the home institution.

Revised: April 22, 2003

Last updated: November 7, 2016