Deputy Director & Vice President for Research

Bid and Proposal Fund Guidelines

The Institution has negotiated the inclusion of funds in our Facilities & Administrative overhead pool for support of Bid and Proposal efforts. Principal Investigators writing new proposals must separately identify these efforts on biweekly time cards. Each scientific department and the Marine Policy Center have separately budgeted accounts for the principal investigators in the department. In addition, there is an account for use of Principal Investigators that are members of other departments in the Institution.

The total amount of overhead funds budgeted for Bid and Proposal is determined during the annual budget process based on historical use and projections of upcoming proposal preparation needs.

The Bid and Proposal Graphics opportunity is a separate and additional resource.

Bid and Proposal Allowable Charges

  • The salary costs associated with writing a NEW proposal by any Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution employee who is allowed to be a Principal Investigator must be charged to Bid and Proposal. This number is department-specific and may be obtained from the department office.
  • Time used in writing a non-competitive continuation of support, a supplemental proposal, a supplemental extension, a supplemental application, a no-cost extension or an accomplished  based renewal may not be charged to Bid and Proposal. The time for preparation of these proposals should be charged to the specific grant or contract being continued or extended. (See full description of the Bid and Proposal Fund Guidlines.)
  • Bid and Proposal charges include Salary and associated Fringe Benefits.
  • The Institution has established guidelines (see below) for the amount of time that may be charged to Bid and Proposal, depending on the funding source to which a proposal is submitted. In exceptional cases, up to 50% more time may be allowed at the discretion of and with written approval by the Department Chair.
  • Bid and Proposal may not be used when writing proposals for Internal awards.
  • If available, a Principal Investigator's Fee Rebate account or Fixed Price Balance account  can be used to cover the costs of time beyond the guidelines.

Bid And Proposal Account Numbers

  • A proposal number must be associated with all Bid and Proposal charges. The Principal Investigator should obtain a proposal number from his/her department office prior to writing the proposal.
  •  This proposal number should be written in the Comments box in the Unanet time card, indicating the date(s) and hours charged to B&P (consult with your Dept Administrator as to how they wish to see this documented).
  •  Both the Principal Investigator and the Department Administrator should be ready to provide the proposal number and copy of the proposal or external pre-proposal if requested to do so by an auditor.

Bid and Proposal Charges Guidelines

While the actual time that each individual charges to Bid and Proposal may differ from proposal to proposal, the following chart lists WHOI guidelines. In exceptional cases, up to 50% more time may be allowed at the discretion of and with written approval by the Department Chair.

This chart represents the number of days per proposal or pre-proposal. Pre-proposal, letter of intent or white paper time (1 day) can be in addition to the proposal time guidelines listed below.

Multiple PI’s must allocate the allowed time among themselves.

Unusual situations should be discussed with the Department Chair and Deputy Director and Vice President for Research, if necessary.


Number of days












NOAA (excluding Sea Grant)



Sea Grant


Other Federal and State Sources



Non-government sources (e.g. foundations, NGOs, industry, including foreign)

1 - 4 *

External pre-proposals, letters of intent,  white papers, or fellowship applications.**


*Due to variability in the nature and complexity of proposals required for non-government sources, the amount of funds awarded is at the discretion of the Department Chair.

** e.g., NOAA or similar fellowship applications.

Last updated: November 7, 2017