Director of Research

Ocean Institutes: Management Structure


  • Institute personnel should be limited to the Institute Director and the minimum necessary staff (Center Administrator and/or administrative professional, technical specialists if needed for Institute facilities), and all should have their primary appointments in a Department.
  • Research support from the Institutes may be in the form of various menu items (grants, fellowships, matching funds, student & postdoc support), but should be for research programs that fall within the overall theme of the Institute.
  • Except for Visiting Fellows, all research support from the Institutes will be for WHOI researchers.
  • Except for Visiting Fellows, no appointments will be made by the Institutes independently of the Departments.
  • Research proposals generated within the Institutes will be submitted through normal channels involving review by one or more relevant Departments.

Institutes Oversight Council (IOC):

  • Oversight of all four Institutes is the responsibility of the Institutes Oversight Council, made up of the Department Chairs, the MPC Director, the Director of Research, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the Director of Development (9 voting members). The Institute Directors will be ex-officio, non-voting members.
  • The Director for Research will chair the IOC.
  • The Council has responsibility for recommending candidates for Institute Directors to the WHOI Director, based on nominations received from the Departments.
  • The Council recommends approval of the annual budgets and approves the major research foci of the Institutes, as well as long-term educational programs or facilities acquisitions, and commitments exceeding threshold amounts.
  • The Council assures fairness in the way that resources are distributed among and by the four Institutes, and serves as a review panel for complaints in this area.
  • The Council is the connection among the Institutes, Departments and WHOI Directorate, and helps coordinate interactions at that level, and with the Trustees and Corporation.

Institute Director (ID):

» Information about the duties, selection and compensation of Institute Directors

Institute Advisory Committee (IAC):

  • The IAC consists of appropriate departmental and disciplinary representation, and will have 5-6 members in addition to the Institute Director. In consultation with the Departments, the Institute Director nominates the IAC membership for approval by the IOC.
  • The Chair of the IAC is the Institute Director.
  • Terms of the Committee members are normally 3 years, and are staggered.
  • The Committee advises the Institute Director on yearly operations and activities of the Institute, and makes recommendations about research areas and distribution of resources.
  • The IAC will make funding recommendations, soliciting advice from ad hoc review panels as needed. Normal Institution Conflict of Interest procedures will be followed.

Educational Activities:

  • The Institute's education efforts will be pursued within WHOI's Education Programs and the oversight provided by WHOI Trustee's Charter for Education Council and Education Assembly.
  • The Institute may provide full or partial support for graduate students or Postdoctoral Scholars or Fellows who are considered admissible by the normal process as recommended by Education Council and Education Assembly. Students or postdocs will have their home affiliation at WHOI in a Department.
  • The Institute may organize and offer courses or summer institutes available to WHOI students and other students.

Approved by:
Dr. Robert B. Gagosian, Director
March 8, 2002

Revision Approved by:
Dr. Robert B. Gagosian, Director
May, 2003

Last updated: December 26, 2014