Deputy Director & Vice President for Research

Assistant Scientist Endowed Support (ASES)


New assistant scientists will automatically receive some initial salary support intended to increase their flexibility and productivity as they begin their careers. They will receive one-month estimated salary (fully loaded with employee benefits and overhead) at the start of their appointment. Second and third increments will be allocated the beginning of subsequent fiscal years, that is, at Pay Period 1 of the subsequent two fiscal years. The second and third increment support will each be equivalent to two months of estimated salary (fully loaded with employee benefits and overhead).



The recipient must be an Assistant Scientist for at least 2 pay periods prior to the funds being awarded. Assistant Scientists appointed in December are only eligible for their first increment at the beginning of the first fiscal year following their appointment.

Restrictions on use

These endowed funds are to provide support for new scientists in getting a research program established at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

  • Funds are intended to be used for salary support, although exceptional cases calling for other use may be submitted to the Department Chair and the Senior Associate Director and Deputy Director and Vice President for Research for prior approval.
  • Because the endowed funds providing this support have primarily been designated for Assistant Scientists, each recipient will forfeit all support which remains unexpended by the end of the calendar year in which promotion to Associate Scientist without Tenure has occurred.
  • Should a recipient leave the Institution for any cause, the unspent support will be forfeited.


The salary calculation will be estimated by the same process as for proposals, except that a month will be calculated at a full 160 hours (vs. 152). Recipients should be aware, therefore, that the estimated amount is not a guarantee of precisely two months of salary support.

Administrative Responsibility

This support will be awarded to coincide with the beginning of eligibility or payroll calendar (Pay Period 1). The Office of the Deputy Director and Vice President for Research will establish and/or renew each account and send a notice to each recipient and home department indicating the account number and amount added. Each recipient will be designated as the Principal Investigator of his/her account.

Last updated: November 7, 2016