Deputy Director & Vice President for Research

Startup Funds

Date of Revision: December 8, 1999

Start-up funds are provided by the Institution to a newly appointed member of the Resident Scientific Staff for the express purpose of establishing his/her laboratory and providing the necessary equipment and other tools needed to begin independent research at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. These funds are derived from our Laboratory Overhead pool, and, as such, are subject to certain restrictions.

  1. Under no circumstances should they be used for any project-specific costs. Examples of such unallowable costs are ship time, travel*, the purchase of enhancements to equipment previously purchased on a grant or contract, or cost sharing on a federal grant or contract.
  2. These funds may not be used to cover salary costs. The one exception is that some support may be provided for technical assistance to set up equipment and organize the lab. The technician should not do any research with Start-up funds.
  3. These funds must be spent within 18 months of  receiving the project number for the start-up funds.  Funds remaining after the deadline will be forfeited. Because 18 months should be a sufficient amount of time to “get started,” an extension on the deadline will only be granted under the most extenuating circumstances. Such an extension must be approved by the Director of Research.
The amount of funds allocated to each newly appointed scientist is established by the Director of Research after discussions with the new appointee and his/her Department Chair or Center Director. A detailed budget should be prepared prior to these discussions by the appointee.

*There is one exception: travel is permitted if it is required for the express purpose of investigating equipment needed to set up the lab. 

Approved by:
Dr. Robert Gagosian, Director
September 17, 1996

Revision Approved by:
Dr. Robert Gagosian, Director
December 8, 1999

Last updated: January 29, 2008