Deputy Director & Vice President for Research

Department Chairs

Job Summary

Reporting to the Deputy Director and Vice President for Research, is responsible for the overall health and quality of the individual departmental research, educational programs and personnel. Ensures that the programs and goals in these areas are consistent with the Institution's policies and procedures and overall mission. Supervises the Department Administrator. Communicates and coordinates routinely with other Department Chairs and Senior Administration.

Major Duties

  • Works formally and informally with Senior Administration, other Department Chairs, and Center Directors to formulate Institution objectives and goals, and participates in the formulation of Institution policies; serves as principal conduit of information on such matters between Departmental personnel and Institution administration.

  • Organizes the Department to facilitate defining and implementing goals and plans for its scientific and technical development, including determining scientific directions, staffing requirements, facility needs and acquisition of major instruments and equipment.

  • Communicates administrative policy, ideas and decisions to departmental personnel, and communicates departmental needs, plans and concerns to the Deputy Director and Vice President for Research. Ensures that both groups have an accurate understanding of the issues, concerns, and constraints of the group.

  • Ensures excellence of Department staff through recruitment, performance evaluation, leadership, mentoring, and management. Recommends appointments, promotions and salaries for Department personnel.

  • Assists Department staff in identifying and developing research areas, and provides scientific and administrative oversight of the departmental grant and contract proposal process.

  • Serves as voting member on the Institution's Appointments and Promotions Council (APC). Determines suitability, and oversees development and presentation of Department cases to APC.

  • Responsible for the Department capital, overhead, and discretionary accounts; allocates assigned Institution resources; supervises the Department Administrator.

  • Fosters good communication and morale within the Department and Institution.

  • Ensures that every junior staff member has good mentoring and receives the required written evaluations at the end of the first and second year of appointment as Assistant Scientist and at the end of the second year of appointment as Associate Scientist.

  • Serves as principal Department spokesperson to federal and private groups and individuals.

  • Together with the Department's Education Coordinator, oversees the organization and operation of the Department's participation in the Education Program. In cooperation with the Dean of Graduate Studies and the Academic Programs Office, assures high quality teaching and mentoring.

  • Maintains an active scientific or policy research program consistent with the criteria and expectations for Senior Scientists.

Job Specifications (Knowledge, skills and abilities normally required for competent performance in the job)

Ph.D. in a discipline related to ocean sciences with significant experience, accomplishment and impact in research to attain the rank of Senior Scientist. Proven skills and knowledge in communicating the major research thrusts of the Chair's discipline and an overall understanding of the Department's research efforts. Should be familiar with grants and contracts research and the various agencies supporting such research. Substantial experience in personnel management Is highly desired.

Terms of Appointment

The normal term of appointment for Department Chairs and is four (4) years. In certain circumstances, the DDVPR may approve an extension of up to no more than four (4) years.

Compensation for Department Chairs

Up to seven (7) months or 1064 hours of salary support is provided annually from overhead during the term of appointment. In addition a Chair earns two (2) months (304 hours) of step down support for each year of appointment, up to a maximum of twelve (12) months earned. For additional information on calculation and limitation of stepdown funds, please refer to policy: Department Chair, Marine Policy Director and Other Center Directors: Term and Step-down compensation.

Last updated: January 3, 2018

Last updated: January 2, 2018