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Proposals: Definition of a Center for Marine Robotics project

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WHOI scientists and engineers normally operate as independent agents in the process of developing, proposing, obtaining funding and executing research or engineering projects. The Center for Marine Robotics (CMR) provides a new framework for generating such projects, particularly those that would be in partnership with and/or funded by industry sources. The structure of CMR is intended to help start such projects by engaging sponsors and helping to organize teams of WHOI and/or Academic Partner staff to carry out the project. WHOI scientists and engineers are never obligated to designate programs they initiate as CMR projects, but are encouraged to do so whenever a project is appropriate to CMR goals.

Definition of a CMR project

  • Projects that are initiated or advanced through efforts of the CMR Director, the WHOI Deupty Director & Vice President for Research, VP of Marine Operations, WHOI Business Development or Tech Transfer staff, the CMR Advisory Board or others working with any of them, including WHOI Trustees or Corporation Members, may be considered CMR projects.
  • Projects initiated by WHOI PIs may be CMR projects if they accept the CMR provisions for IP, and any other requirements or restrictions imposed by CMR.
  • Projects that involve at least one WHOI PI and one or more PIs from CMR Academic Partner(s) will normally be considered CMR projects.
  • Projects that are initiated and/or funded by a CMR industry partner or sponsor in collaboration with WHOI researchers are considered CMR projects.

Fee on CMR proposals, grants and contracts

Proposals, grants and contracts for CMR projects will carry a fee as indicated by the current WHOI Fee Policy.

Originally published: March 7, 2014