Director of Research

Emeritus Scientists: Support

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The Institution has determined that support should be provided for Scientist and Oceanographer Emeriti who wish to continue doing research at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. These funds allow retired scientists and technical staff to continue using our facilities and mentor younger scientists, engineers and technicians, by sharing their scientific and technical knowledge.

  • The actual amount of support to be awarded each year will be determined by the Executive Vice President and/or the Director of Research during the budgeting process. Recipients of these funds will be expected to adhere to the amount awarded. 
  • Institution support may also include providing space for continued research, either the laboratory or office occupied prior to retirement or other space available in the department.

  • The funds will come from the lab overhead pool and thus any balance at the end of the year will be forfeited.

  • This money can be used for telephone and copier costs, support for an administrative professional, or miscellaneous supplies and services of a general nature, but not for any project-specific costs. In addition, funds may be used for travel of a general nature (such as to attend a scientific conference), but a trip report from the Scientist or Oceanographer Emeritus is required on his/her return. The report should be sent to the Manager of Government Regulations, Challenger House, MS #14.
  • A person's emeritus status generally does not change. However, requests for support must be renewed every three years.


The process for initiating these funds requires a memo from the Department Chair to the Executive Vice President and/or the Director of Research. The memo should include mention of space needs and a request for the funds justified on the basis of the person’s mentoring role and interactions with colleagues at WHOI. A very brief statement from the Scientist or Oceanographer Emeritus should be attached describing his or her research plans. In the case of a newly appointed Emeritus (within first 3 years), a copy of the research plans from the appointment folder will be sufficient.

After three years, the Chair should review the continued involvement of the Scientist or Oceanographer Emeritus in the community to determine whether continued support is warranted. Space allocation should also be reviewed at this time.  A brief, updated supporting memo and new research statement should be sent to the Executive Vice President and Director of Research in order to renew support for an additional 3 years.

Last updated: April 22, 2013