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Research Data Publication

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The MBLWHOI Library continues to be involved in national and international collaborations dealing with best practices and standards for data publication and citation (e.g., Ocean Data Publication Cookbook, 2013 UNESCO Manuals and Guides 64).

The Library has developed a workflow and metadata guidelines to deposit datasets in the Institutional Repository (IR), the Woods Hole Open Access Server (WHOAS).  The Library has focused on data associated with articles, but there are also many other datasets in the repository.  Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) can be assigned making the data citable. 

WHOAS datasets are included in Thomson Reuters Data Citation Index. The assignment of DOIs also enabled a partnership with Elsevier.  Article records in ScienceDirect that are related to a dataset in WHOAS display a banner that links to the datasets.  The system works for DOIs assigned to datasets either before or after publication.

Tools and procedures also have been developed to automate the ingestion of deposits from BCO-DMO. The system also incorporates functionality for BCO-DMO to request a DOI from the Library.  This partnership allows the Library to work with a trusted data repository to ensure high-quality data, while the data repository utilizes library services and is assured that a permanent archived copy of the data is associated with the persistent DOI.

There are a growing number of options for how scientists may publish their research data, in addition to traditional peer-reviewed journal articles.
Options include:

Last updated: May 17, 2017