Deputy Director & Vice President for Research

R2R Data Repository

R2R developed the infrastructure to support a central website ( where oceanographers can find an index of and access the data sets collected by UNOLS, Coast Guard, and NOAA research vessels. WHOI, Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, and Florida State University were partners in this effort.The project was funded by NSF #0947822 in 2009-2015.

This project started by focusing on access to all underway data collected by a research cruise and making it accessible as soon as an expedition is complete. The team addressed contributing collected data sets to national archives, such as NODC and NGDC, the &nbs p;development of a science event-logger, evaluation of quality assessment and provenance, including certification of the degree of Q/A for a data set, and provided ways to enable near-real-time feedback to shipboard technicians about the quality of the data being collected during the cruise.

Andrew Maffei and Cyndy Chandler were PIs for the WHOI part of the R2R effort. In addition to the primary goal of populating the site with cruise data distributions, WHOI's focus was to develop a science event logging standard format and provide a science event logging web application. As part of the larger Ocean Informatics Working Group focus, the data available through the R2R project will be used in pilot studies to better understanding of linkages between data sets as well as a platform to study and better understand relations between data provenance (history of data and metadata handling), Quality Assurance (Q/A) and the building of trust in unknown data used by researchers who did not collect the original data.

WHOI scientists will benefit from easier access to the additional data available the R2R repository, including cruise metadata, names of participants in a cruise, types of data collected during a cruise, links to national archive products related to a cruise, etc. These data sets will be able to be incorporated into future data accessibility strategies to be put in place for WHOI investigators.

Last updated: September 17, 2015