Deputy Director & Vice President for Research


The WHOI Communications Department enhances awareness and understanding of the Institution, the breadth of its ocean research, engineering, and education, and their value to society.

Our activities include:

  • building and maintaining a public Web site
  • producing a magazine, Oceanus, that has a Web expression with weekly updates
  • producing publications that explain who we are and what we do
  • interacting with the public through our Information Office and our Ocean Science Exhibit Center
  • promoting our research and expeditions to print and broadcast media
  • providing licensed images and video footage to museums, documentary filmmakers, publishers, and other outlets to promote our research activities to the public while protecting our intellectual property

We also have a focus on internal communications and providing information, tools, and services to help WHOI staff communicate to all audiences.

The tools and services include;

  • weekly communications to all employees and students about activities and events around the institution and a calendar of each week’s seminars
  • a content management system that allows for easy updates to the Institution’s extensive Web site
  • publicly digestible written descriptions of expeditions and other science, engineering, and education activities
  • illustrations, animations, photographs, and video created and collected to illustrate the written word on a variety of topics
  • a Web-based searchable image catalog featuring those images, animations and video clips
  • a highly skilled group of designers, illustrators, photographers, animators and videographers in Graphic Services whose services are available to the community for an hourly fee

Last updated: November 29, 2007