Employee Portrait Gallery — Larry Madin

Employee Portrait of the Week - Larry Madin

During more than 30 years of studying open ocean jellies, Larry Madin has become expert at photographing them, both in the ocean and in aquaria set up in laboratories ashore and afloat. These are four of fifteen of his images featured on a poster designed by Katherine Joyce of WHOI Graphic Services and titled “Open Ocean Jellies.” It is available in the WHOI Exhibit Center gift shop. At upper left, the medusa Aequorea is shown reproducing by splitting into three 10-centimeter animals. A 3-centimeter-tall Physophora siphonophore colony appears at upper right. The small (1-centimeter-diameter) medusa Turritopsis is at lower left, and there is a chain of the salp Pegea (15 centimeters across) at lower right.
















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