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Vice President's Message

Jim Yoder

James A. Yoder, PhDVP for Academic Programs & Dean

Students @ Work

Oceanus magazine student issue

In their own wordsSpecial edition of Oceanus magazine written by graduate students


80 Days in Greenland

80 Days in GreenlandFollow MIT/WHOI Joint Program student Ben Linhoff during the 2012 summer field season in Greenland.

Ensuring the future of ocean science

The future of human knowledge about the ocean rests in a motivated graduate student or post-doctoral researcher, a curious undergraduate, or a bright young high school student. WHOI is helping shape this future by offering a wide range of programs and opportunities for students and young scientists at all stages of their development.

Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs

Since 1968, WHOI has partnered with MIT to form one of the premier marine science and engineering graduate programs in the world.

Postdoctoral Programs

WHOI is one of the most prestigious places to begin a career in ocean science and engineering.

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

WHOI's summer and guest student programs give undergrads the chance to work alongside world-class ocean researchers.

Student Life

Student Life

Woods Hole is more than just a great place to learn, it's a great place to live.

K12 Resources

K-12 Resources

Opportunities and resources for teaching and learning about ocean science and exploration.

Academic Programs Office

Academic Programs Office

WHOI's Academic Programs Office is here to answer any of your questions about our educational programs.